The Cambridge National in Creative iMedia has become an increasingly popular option choice since key stage 4 qualifications were reformed to the 9-1 system and GCSE ICT was removed. This vocational qualification actually counts as Media, rather than Computing or ICT, but has a lot of traditional ICT content and teachers can play to their own and their learners' strengths when choosing the two optional units.

In brief, there are four units that learners must complete. Two are
mandatory; R081 is an externally assessed exam and R082 is a
coursework project on creating graphics. Two optional units make
up the four required and the ten options available range from creating
digital characters to developing digital games with everything from website design and animation in between.

If you're new to this course, I would strongly recommend you join the Facebook group for Creative iMedia. With over 2000 supportive members, no question is ever far from being answered! There are also some amazing resources created by real teachers who are actually delivering this course available through the same Facebook group, often free.

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