Work with us

Mean Business has only just opened its doors and already we're looking to expand! If you have any high quality teaching resources that you would like to publish through us, then keep reading!

We're looking for teacher authors of any subject, any stage and any course who have already produced revision resources or other materials we could print and distribute. Before making contact, however, please read our values to see if we fit your style:

  • All of our resources are high quality and value for money, and always will be.

  • Published books will always be mapped fully against the specification for which they are intended; they will be reviewed with every external exam for which they are used for and adapted as necessary.

  • We will never set word counts or page targets, we only want to include what learners actually need to know.

So, if you've got a resource at the ready, get in touch with us NOW to see how we could work together. In working together:

  • Printed materials would credit you as author and Mean Business as editor. Mean Business would also be credited as distributor of the works. You won't have to distribute any physical materials.

  • The resource would become the property of Mean Business.

  • Mean Business would take your work and format it to ensure it fits our style (which means you could just send us a Word document, nothing fancy!).

  • Royalties would be based on a pre-agreed percentage figure and paid quarterly to the author.

  • Authors would be expected to declare income earned through Mean Business to HMRC.

  • Authors would be expected to promote the resources they host on Mean Business.

Still interested? Then get in touch NOW