We have developed a range of "mini-assessments" for key individual teaching strands within R064 of the Cambridge National in Enterprise and Marketing course. 

These "POP Tasks" are designed to show progress over a short space of time and are a great addition to our end of learning objective assessments. Our POP Tasks are quite short; certainly not the size of an exam or end of LO assessment, but still mimic the style of questions asked in the R064 exam. All POP Tasks come with answers and a VERY short space for teacher acknowledgement (write more if you fancy). This has been purposely generated to ensure the feedback loop is kept short; ideally these should be returned to learners in the following lesson to address misconceptions and allow for green pen work.

Our intended process is:

  • Strand of a Learning Objective is taught

  • POP Task is set after teaching (10 - 15 minutes)

  • Teacher marks following the lesson

  • Learner receives score in following lesson with green pen opportunity to improve

  • At the end of a learning objective, learner sits one of our full LO assessments.

POP Tasks