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This is a discounted set of 30 of our Creative iMedia R081 pocket power up booklets, usually £84.00 if bought separately!


"Pocket Power-Ups" are our new range of accessible revision notes that cut down full units of knowledge into bullet points and simple statements. Being A6 in size means they fit into blazer pockets or those little Armani "pouches" learners often use as their school bag and having a strong laminated cover means they're long lasting and perfect for on-the-go revision.


  • 32 full colour pages professionally printed to a VERY high standard.
  • All of R081 content is included in a condensed format; these are not replacements for traditional revision guides!
  • An economy of language is used on each page; this booklet is ideal for the final stages of revision as a recap to the detailed revision guide we also provide.
  • PERFECT for those learners who are unlikely to revise, low ability learners or those who get into a panic before their exams.


This resource in detail:

  • Format: Physical printed booklet
  • Editing: N/A
  • Content: 32 A6 full colour pages. Laminated cover. 

Creative iMedia R081 "Pocket Power-Up" Booklets - Class Set of 30!