Structure strips are perfect for scaffolding answers to long response questions. Learners cut out the strip and stick down the left hand side of the answer space; you just have to print the relevant question from the past paper that this relates to!


This structure strip is for question 6c of the June 2019 Business 1 paper, asking learners to justify an option. Learners choose option 1 or 2 and then structure their answer based on their choice; both choices are reflected in this resource.


Learners, therefore, do not need to be provided with both strips - new machinery OR new staff will do.


These strips really make a difference, especially for  learners who know their stuff, but struggle to structure their response.


This resource in detail:

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  • Content: 1 x PDF document

EdExcel 9 Mark Structure Strip (Business 1, June 2019, Question 6c)