Our iMedia in context sheets are designed to be printed on A3 paper or completed electronically.  They provide a great revision activity and help prepare learners for their R081 exam by including a scenario that they need to read carefully and then a set of questions/activities around this scenario.


These sheets would also lend themselves as extended homework or group work activities. The resource comes as a printable PDF (A3 is best) or an alternative version in PowerPoint with space for learners' answers (the PowerPoint cannot be edited, reducing wasted time on formatting etc.). There's also a teacher notes page to help prompt learners if required.


This resource features a scenario called Purrfect Podcast, a new podcast for animal lovers produced by two friends. Questions relate to:

  • Mind maps
  • File formats
  • Work plans (creation)
  • Suitable pre-production documents


This resource in detail:

  • Format: PDF & PPTx
  • Editing: Content is not editable. PowerPoint can be typed over/added to and completed online.
  • Content: 1 x PDF handout (best printed on A3 paper), 1 x PDF teacher notes, 1 x PowerPoint slide with matching content to PDF activity.

iMedia in Context Scenario & Questions Sheet 2


    Please note: If this is a free resource, the download link will appear in the resource's description.

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