This catchy, high quality, poster displays 19 key terms for LO2 of R064 of the Cambridge National in Enterprise & Marketing course (see list below).


  • Cost / Fixed Cost / Variable Cost
  • Examples of Fixed & Variable Costs (Salaries, rent etc.)
  • Output
  • Unit
  • Sales
  • Total Costs
  • Revenue
  • Break-even
  • Profit
  • Loss


The design was inspired by a famous board game, though no reference to this is used within the poster to avoid issues with copyright. The design is, however, in keeping with the theme and easily recognisable.


This resource in detail:

  • Format: PDF
  • Editing: Can't be edited (doesn't need editing)
  • Content: 1 x PDF Green Background, 1 x PDF Clear Background (to your design preference)

R064 LO2 Key Terms Display Poster / Handout