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This pack is everything you need for teaching LO3 of R064 for the Cambridge National in Enterprise and Marketing course. If you combine this with the LO3 revision pack, you'll have no planning to do for this section of the course!


This pack includes:

  • Theory and lesson activities within comprehensive teacher PowerPoints
  • Fully planned lessons, with Do Now Activities and Objectives
  • A Personalised Learning Checklist for the whole LO
  • All handouts and resources needed for the delivery of this Learning Objective
  • An assessment for when the full LO has been delivered
  • All answers to handouts and assessments


This pack includes elements from the R064 assessments pack and the PLCs pack, so please don't purchase if you already have these. R064 LO3 lessons are available to purchase separately from the R064 page.

R064 LO3 Teaching + Assessment Pack Bundle


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