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This 20-page (18 internal content pages) professionally printed high quality A4 sized revision guide is all your learners will need in the approach to their R081 exam for the Cambridge National in Creative iMedia course. With exam review sections throughout, this resource is invaluable when reviewing all required content for the exam. Having a laminated cover makes these booklets extremely durable and long lasting.


The book has been recently updated to ensure it's fully referenced against the specification and past exam papers. This is part of our ongoing quality assurance programme. 


The book includes a revision checklist on page 2 and a set of exam 'buzz words' on the back cover which discusses how different answers should be presented in the exam. Answers to the revision review sections are available as a separate (free) document.


A video preview of this resource is available by clicking here


This resource in detail:

  • Format: Physical printed booklet
  • Editing: N/A
  • Content: 20 A4 full colour pages. Laminated cover. 

Creative iMedia R081 Revision Guide (Professionally Printed)


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