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A 16-page booklet (14 internal content pages) focusing on retrieval questions for Cambridge National in Creative iMedia's exam unit (R081).


This professionally printed A4 booklet includes low stakes questions fully mapped against the R081 specification. It also includes tips and guidance for two of the more tricky question styles in the R081 exam (image selection and those dreaded 12-markers!).


This booklet is perfect for indepdent revision, homework or for use in lessons as regular Do Now/Starter activities with teachers directing learners to specific questions each lesson.


Answers are provided as a PDF separately, so there's no risk of copying, but still an option to provide answers to learners for support and to further enable them to revise independently.


All recall questions in the booklet are rated 1 - 3 stars; this is really handy for teachers who may wish to direct learners to specific challenge questions.


This resource in detail:

  • Format: Physical printed booklet
  • Editing: N/A
  • Content: 16 A4 full colour pages. Laminated cover; internal pages can be written on.

Creative iMedia R081 Work Booklet (Professionally Printed)

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