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A set of 15 images, great for social media posts (maybe one tip per day?) showing individual tips for remote/distance learning.


The tips aren't numbered so that you can pick and choose which to use; not all may be applicable to your school.


There are two versions with this download; 15 with different coloured borders and 15 (same tips) with matching borders, if you prefer uniformity. Ideally sized for Facebook posts.


This resource in detail:

  • Format: PNG images
  • Editing: Can't be edited (doesn't need editing)
  • Content: 15 x images with different coloured border, 15 x images with matching borders - there are 15 tips though in total, not 30!

15 x Remote Learning Tips!


    Please note: If this is a free resource, the download link will appear in the resource's description.

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