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It's a great idea, at the end of a topic or unit, to get students to create their own quizzes. They can then complete one another's to test their understanding or to revise a topic.

This is a PowerPoint template for students to be given to produce a quiz. The PowerPoint is fully linked because the main purpose of this type of activity is the questions and the answers, not the linking together! This also means this activity lends itself to ANY SUBJECT and a range of year groups.

There are ten question spaces, students can easily use 'duplicate slide' to add more questions though. As an extension, whilst other students complete their work, students can improve the look of their quiz or add further elements.

This activity comes with a peer assessment sheet - the idea being that students should be given the opportunity to complete one another's quizzes (further recapping and revising a topic) and 'rate' them on various criteria.

Overall, a fun activity leading to quite an interactive peer assessment activity. Teachers don't need to be skilled in the IT behind the linking/functions of the quiz - just make it available on a shared drive for students to take a copy of before completing it! Enjoy.

Create a Quiz Template (in PowerPoint)


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