This is a four-page document outlining 8 tasks learners can complete independently to prepare to complete R087. As this is editable, however, you could change the requirements to be a website for R085 should you need to. This is not for coursework purposes, but in readiness to complete their coursework.


The scenario is based on a charity called YouthUK that require an Interactive Multimedia Product to give information about hobbies and interests to 13-16 year olds.


The 8 editable tasks are:

  • Client Requirements
  • Source & Store Assets
  • Navigation Planning
  • Work Plan
  • Visualisation Diagrams
  • Creating the Product (in PowerPoint or Google Slides)
  • Testing
  • Review


As you can see, this very much mirrors LO2 - 4 of R087 for the Cambridge National in Creative iMedia course.


This version also includes a checklist on the cover, should you wish to hand this out as a paper copy for learners who do not have access to the Internet.

Creative iMedia EDITABLE Practice Project (based on R087)