This eight page booklet gives learners a scenario requesting the development of a new cookie snack brand.


Tasks include:

  • Market research of existing snacks
  • Design a questionnaire
  • The Marketing Mix
  • Create an interview
  • Design a customer profile
  • Product ideas
  • Feedback on product ideas
  • Final product design
  • Evaluation


This resource comes as a printable booklet but also comes in PowerPoint for learners to complete online. The full booklet has been separated into individual task sheets too, just in case your learners are less motivated when it comes to large projects.


This resource in detail:

  • Format: PPT and PDF
  • Editing: Can't be edited (doesn't need editing). Host online version can be typed on and saved for handing in online.
  • Content: 8 page booklet (PDF printable). Same version as a PPT to complete online AND seven individual sheets of the same content is setting the project separately.

Developing a Product Idea Project 1