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This is a really handy tool for monitoring a group's progress through the Cambridge National in Enterprise & Marketing course. It has space for learner names and their class and then spaces for their R065, R066 and R064 scores. It then automatically calculates what learners need to get to achieve different grades.


NEW! This spreadsheet includes a single sheet tracker for those who prefer not to use the linked version. It has also been extensively tested to ensure accuracy. We've listen to feedback to accomodate more learners and include three editable additional columns for background data etc.


This spreadsheet is locked and cannot be edited due to formulas working in the background; contact us if you would like the password to be let loose with the powers of editing!


Massive tip: Save this spreadsheet TWICE, one for REAL data and one for predicted data. You'll then be able to use your predicted spreadsheet to forecast final grades (just enter mock scores and update these scores at every data gather, or whatever you call them at your school!).

Enterprise & Marketing Full Course Grade Tracker


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