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Important: There is a minimum order requirement of 10 on these books. Please do not order less than 10. If you order less than 10, your order will be automatically cancelled and refunded.


A professionally printed, super high quality revision guide for the R067 exam unit of the Cambridge National in Enterprise and Marketing updated course (course code J837) and a pocket power up of condensed revision notes.


The A4 sized booklet covers all five topic areas of the exam unit. 32 pages in total with 'Topic Area Takeaway Tasks ' and a revision checklist within the contents page. The A6 Pocket Power Up has 44 pages of mini revision notes to revise on the go.


Both are printed on thick paper and with a laminated cover, the book is designed to last throughout the course and ideally be passed on to other learners for reuse.


This resource in detail:

  • Format: Physical printed books
  • Editing: N/A
  • Content: 32 page A4 revision guide + 44 page A6 pocket book, thick printed paper with a laminated cover

Enterprise & Marketing (J837) R067 2 Book Bundle!


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