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This handy spreadsheet allows teachers to calculate estimated grades for the Cambridge National in Enterprise and Marketing course. It allows teachers to populate evidence as learners progress through the course and teachers to change which evidence is used to calcualte a grade overall. This is ideal for schools who are asked for "current grades" or "working at grades" as it allows live tracking of learners based on the work they have completed so far.


The spreadsheet allows teachers to base the whole course grade on elements learners have completed so far; so, if they have just completed one unit and their exam, teachers can choose to calculate this as their full grade (100%) or the 75% that it actually is before their final coursework is completed.


Please note: The other trackers on the Enterprise & Marketing page are much more accessible for teachers and learners; this is solely for indepth production of predicted, estimated and working at grades.

Enterprise & Marketing "Weighted" Grade Estimator Spreadsheet


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