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This is a full introduction to Business Ethics which would suit any GCSE/Business course or PSHE lesson on ethical trading. An editable PowerPoint guides teachers through the lesson, including speaker notes with additional commentary.



  • Discuss differentiated outcomes / objectives
  • Mind map ways a business can be ethical
  • Discussion on ways a business can be ethical
  • Cut and paste group sort activity ethical or unethical? (hand out/worksheet included)
  • Discussion on ethical or unethical practice (answers included on PowerPoint)
  • Design/display work (A3 handout) - students design a new ethical milkshake brand
  • Differentiation: higher abilities also add how much their brand will do ethically compared to competitors.


Should be quite a fun lesson for what is often a tedious topic. Some good display work can be produced too if students are allowed time to colour/design their brand ideas.


Would also suit PHSE topics on ethical trading/fair trade etc.

Introduction to Business Ethics (Fun Lesson/Display)


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