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This 9-page booklet is mapped against OCR GCSE Business Studies J204. This resource includes a printable PDF version AND a PowerPoint version that learners can complete and submit online, via Google Classroom etc.

Activities include:  
1. Human Resources Department (inc. Internal/External Recruitment)  
2. Organisational Structures (interpretation)  
3. Organisational Structures (tall or flat & other key terms)  
4. Business Communication (internal or external/importance)  
5. Business Communication - most suitable communication methods  
6. Recruitment & Selection  
7. Training & Development  
8\. Employment Law / Employee Rights  

If you set one page each week, that's more than enough for a half term. The pages also act as a good discussion point for a starter in the following lesson too (win, win!).  

To REDUCE MARKING - there's the smallest space for teachers to put 4 ticks to assess each homework. Low stakes, less work load marking.

OCR GCSE Business Studies Activity Booklet 3 (People in Business)


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