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This is probably one of my favourite ever resources! We're all guilty of working a class right to the very last minute and then asking them to pack away, right? This plenary wheel is a generic resource that can be used for any subject and at key stage 2 or above (believe me when I say, even year 11 love it!). With eight different plenary ideas, it can be used on a regular basis even with the same class. Spin the wheel on slide 1 and then ask a learner to shout stop. Whichever plenary the wheel lands on you then do with the class. So, that's NO PLANNING and learners engaged at the very end of a busy lesson... win, win!.


video preview of this resource is available at:


Top tip: Print a stack of the 'Tweet' and 'Pyramid' templates, just in case they pop up. Use this wheel over and over again with the same group so they get used to it. 

Plenary Selector Wheel 1 (Cross Curricular)


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