Can also be used for R065 task 5, bonus! Five challenges getting learners to work out fixed costs, variable costs, total costs and potentially profit if they get that far. Comes with answers.


I actually set this for learners to complete in pairs, with no help from the teacher. The competitive spirit soon takes over and there's a prize for first team to complete, though this could equally be set as a home learning task or a task that learners need to complete independently - the point is, they're challenges, not teacher led!


Each challenge increases in complexity and none of the challenges tell learners what the fixed or variable costs actually are within the list of costs; they need to do that themselves.


This is a GREAT activity for all abilities, though I've found HIGHER abilities actually LOVE it - wait to see their frustration when they include selling price as a variable cost on challenge 5!

R064 LO2 Business Costs Challenges Booklet


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