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Cambridge National in Enterprise and Marketing ‘Home Learning Menu’ focusing on LO4 of the R064 exam specification.


Each menu outlines five tasks relating to the learning objective; two appetisers, two main courses and one dessert. Learners can be directed to specific tasks by teachers or be asked to complete as many off the menu as they can. Each task has been given a menu price and each menu has a potential £30.00 worth of tasks; the closer learners are to this, the more tasks they have completed independently at home.


Menus are in PDF format, so cannot be edited. They can be printed and written on or hosted online and typed on (whoever completes the PDF document should save any amendments when they complete). There is space for feedback too – teachers decide if learners provide their own response to their performance for each set of tasks of if the space is for a teacher response to the work submitted!


This resource in detail:

  • Format: PDF
  • Editing: Not editable ... PDF can be typed on, hosted online, saved and returned by learners/teachers
  • Content: 1 A4 Menu page in PDF format

R064 LO4 Home Learning Menu!


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