This is a set of 6 Personalised Learning Checklists (PLCs) for the R064 unit of the Cambridge National in Enterprise and Marketing course. If your school require you to have these, then save time writing your own and download these instead; fully mapped against the specification. If your school don't require these, then why not see what benefits they can bring to your learners?


I hand one PLC out each time I start an LO and then refer back to it at the end of the LO. There's space on each PLC for learners to review the LO or the assessment you set at the end. These promote independent learning from your higher ability learners who will go away and research the next topic in the LO; they also support lower abilities by showing exactly what needs to be covered - any absent learners know what they need to complete/recap too.


This resource in detail:

  • Format: PDF
  • Editing: Can't be edited (no need!)
  • Content: 6 pages, one for each Learning Objective in R064

R064 Personalised Learning Checklists (ALL LOs)