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This is a discounted class set of 30 booklets compared to our individual listing price!


A great resource for independent revision; perfect to prepare learners for their R064 exam. This 28-page (26 internal content pages) professionally printed, high quality A4 sized booklet covers all six LOs for R064, full of low-stakes retrieval questions and then a short focus on how to answer three mark and eight mark questions.


Retrieval questions are not set out in exam style; they're designed to be quick review questions of content learnt. Teachers can decide whether to ask learners to complete the questions having completed an LO of teaching or whether the booklet is given to learners at the end of all theory content being delivered. The booklet would also be ideal to demonstrate intervention for those learners requiring a resit of their exam.


Each question in the retrieval section is given a star rating (out of 3). Teachers may wish to ask learners to complete all 1 star questions first, then complete 2 star questions etc. This does mean that this booklet is perfect to support low-ability learners but will also provide opportunities to challenge higher-ability learners too.


This resource in detail:

  • Format: Physical printed booklet
  • Editing: N/A
  • Content: 28 A4 full colour pages. Laminated cover. Internal pages have a matt finish, designed to be written on.

R064 Student Work Booklet (Class Set of 30)

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