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A 12 page work booklet that emulates parts of the R065 project for the Cambridge National in Enterprise & Marketing course.


The booklet is supported by an editable 48 slide teacher PowerPoint. 


The project:

  • Introduces learners to Market Research (R065 Task 2)
  • Gets learners to produce and carry out a questionnaire (R065 Task 2)
  • Introduces customer profiling (R065 Task 1)
  • Asks learners to produce their own customer profile (R065 Task 1)
  • Gets learners to carry out a Focus Group and Interview (R065 Task 2)
  • Allows learners to identify their competitors (R065 Task 2)
  • Asks learners to design 4 prototype ice cream products (R065 Task 3)
  • Introduces learners to self and peer assessment of initial product ideas (R065 Task 4)
  • Gets learners to design a final product based on feedback (R065 Task 4)
  • Introduces the 4 P's of Marketing (R064 LO6)
  • Introduces pricing strategies (R065 Task 5)
  • Gets learners to calculate costs and profit at an introductory level (R065 Task 5)


This project should be completed before learners actually complete their R065 work and would act as a great introduction to the course.

R065 'Practice Project' Student Booklet & Teacher PowerPoint


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