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Full delivery pack for task 1 of R065 for the Cambridge National in Enterprise and Marketing course. Also available as a reduced priced bundle for all tasks (see separate product listing).



  • A full lesson on Market Segmentation with discussion points.
  • A second full lesson introducing Customer Profiles.
  • A detailed preparation sheet for notes and research to enable students to complete R065 Task 1 FULLY (print these on A3 paper).
  • Differentiation to stretch higher abilities.
  • A detailed distinction* example Customer Profile for discussion


**Important … these lessons are for teaching the theory and then task setting for R065. When set, task outlines come DIRECTLY from the OCR assignment, without adaptation. It is not permitted for teachers to give too much guidance to students. These lessons DO NOT include writing frames, additional guidance or additional support. This is expressly stipulated in the specification and followed to the letter by these resources. They are, however, IMMENSELY useful for the delivery of both units and require you to PLAN NOTHING!!


This resource in detail:

  • Format: PowerPoint and PDF
  • Editing: Not editable, more slides and text boxes can be added though
  • Content: 2 x detailed teacher PowerPoints. 1 x PDF preparation sheet. 3 x additional resources, including two home learning tasks.

R065 Task 1 Delivery Pack (Progress Ahead)


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