Full delivery pack for task 2 of R065 for the Cambridge National in Enterprise and Marketing course. Also available as a reduced priced bundle for all tasks (see separate product listing). Some relevant content for R064, the exam unit.



  • A full lesson on Market Research with discussion points.
  • A second lesson introducing Sampling Methods.
  • A preparation sheet  for students to make notes and gather research to enable them to complete R065 Task 2.


This resource in detail:

  • Format: PowerPoint and PDF
  • Editing: Not editable, more slides and text boxes can be added though
  • Content: 2 x PPT, Sampling Methods theory notes (4 pages - PDF), Sampling Methods notes sheets, task 2 preparation sheet (PDF) and additional resources including a guide to making Excel charts and a Market Research Quiz. 

R065 Task 2 Delivery Pack (Perfecta Pizza)


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