This is a full delivery pack for R068 Topic Area 1, leading to R068 Task 1 completion of the updated Cambridge National in Enterprise and Marketing course. As the set assignment changes annually, these resources are generic so you don't have to purchase new packs each year!


Teacher slides guide learners through a stage of preparation before completing the set assignment for Task 1 independently. All guidance in this pack is available within the set assignment, marking grid and specification so there's no over guidance, writing frames or examples to ensure permitted delivery of the unit.


Teacher slides and handouts are now editable too!


This resource in detail:

  • Format: PPTX, PDF, DOCX
  • Editing: All parts are fully editable, except theory notes to maintain formatting
  • Content: 2 teacher PowerPoints of 28 slides in total, 2 additional slides to introduce task 1 in a separate PowerPoint, 1 x A5 handout, 2 x A4 handouts, 4 x pages of PDF theory notes

R068 Topic Area 1 / Task 1 Delivery Pack