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This template is useful for a myriad of classroom resources. As a display, the template has been created A1 in size so it can be printed in large format equally as well as smaller handout formats. The template lends itself to anything you want to break down into individual steps (there are 19 spaces available)... homework checklists, key word defintions, full projects, learning journeys etc. (and possibly even a board game!).


There are editable text boxes so you can quickly populate your design.


The design was inspired by a famous board game, though no reference to this is used within the poster to avoid issues with copyright. The design is, however, in keeping with the theme and easily recognisable.


This resource in detail:

  • Format: PowerPoint
  • Editing: The game design itself cannot be edited (that's a good thing, it means our intended formatting is maintained!). Text can be edited and added to/taken away.
  • Content: 1 x PowerPoint template. 1 x PDF instruction sheet.

Board Game Template (For Display or Handouts)


    Please note: If this is a free resource, the download link will appear in the resource's description.

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